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Expanding your business in the Nordics may seem like a daunting task, but Nordic Sales Force is here to make it simple.

Say goodbye to the hassles of managing sales processes in a foreign market. Our professional sales team offers an authentic local presence to handle your entire sales process, from the first point of contact to a signed contract - regardless of the complexity of your solution.

Scale your sales with Nordic Sales Force: Your gateway to Scandinavia

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Enter The Nordics with success

Scale your sales with a local presence

It’s no secret — entering a new market is tough and time-consuming.

The traditional way (setting up offices and recruiting employees) takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months, and even then you might struggle to generate the results you want.

By outsourcing to Nordic Sales Force, you'll have a highly skilled local presence up and running in 30 days along with professional sales management that coach and lead your sales rep to results.

You will experience flexibility, scalability, and close collaboration.
Your new customers will experience an authentic local presence.

Companies we've helped scale

I was impressed with how quickly the salespeople from Nordic Sales Force were able to understand our product and sell it.
Mark Neubert
Owner & CEO
Our sales results have improved significantly. We have doubled our number of customers while collaborating. We’ve achieved this in only six months.
Jens Fuglsang
Owner & CEO
Through persistence, structured and qualified follow-up, we’ve now reached our 3-year growth target.
Morten Schaumann
CEO & Partner
Experienced sales organization

We become experts in selling your solution

"Our solution is quite complex... are you sure you’re able to sell it?"

The answer is yes.

Nordic Sales Force has years of experience in selling complex solutions and services and has successfully sold to several of Scandinavia's largest companies.

However, whether we can scale your sales depends on several factors. Contact us so we can figure out if there is a match.

Looking to enter a new market?

Without Nordic Sales Force

High cost of setting up an office and recruiting salespeople
Lengthy process of finding and training local sales staff
Risk of failure due to lack of understanding of the local market

With Nordic Sales Force

Fast and cost-effective way to enter the market
Experienced sales teams with in-depth knowledge of the local market
Scalable service that can adjust to your needs as your company grows
Book meeting
Meetings with your sales team
Reporting & strategy
A part of your company

We are not a call center

You’re probably familiar with aggressive telemarketers who pressure potential customers into meetings and don’t respect a no.

That is not how we work.

We make contact, show respect, and only book meetings with those we know we can help. Those we contact feel that they’re talking to your sales department and not an external company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of your service?

You need to invest both time and money in a collaboration with us.

The price naturally depends on the extent of the collaboration, but the majority of our customers begin with an investment of approximately 4,500 EUR per month in our sales efforts.

We handle the management of the salesperson that you are assigned through us. However, this does not mean that you can completely avoid investing time in us. Especially at the beginning of the collaboration, your involvement is necessary for various processes, including attending initial customer meetings.

So if you have neither time nor money, we are not the right match.

How can I ensure that I maintain control over my sales strategy?

At Nordic Sales Force, we understand that maintaining control over your sales strategy is essential.

That's why we work closely with our clients to develop a sales process that is tailored to their specific business goals, values, and brand voice.

We assign dedicated sales teams to each client and regularly update them on sales performance and progress, ensuring that you remain in control of the process every step of the way.

Do you have experience with my industry?

For us, the most important thing is that we can match our skills and experience with your industry and solution.

Therefore, further dialogue is necessary to determine if there is a match.

In general, we excel in complex sales processes and have extensive experience in handling complicated projects and solution sales. If you require assistance with telemarketing tasks or booking meetings, we may not be a suitable partner. We are involved in the sales process from A to Z.

What does the ongoing communication like?

We expect a close collaboration with you, where we have an ongoing dialogue.

This applies both at the operational level regarding the progress of sales. But we will also be a commercial sparring partner who can challenge you on everything from target audience selection to pricing models and sales strategies.

As a result, you can expect a partner with whom you can engage in close, open, and straightforward dialogue.

Will you contact customers in my company's name?

Yes. Customers will not know that you have an external sales partner.

Not only do we represent ourselves as being from your company, but we also function as an integrated part of your team.

In that way, it will be like having your own salesperson, except that we take care of the daily management of the salesperson and the ongoing optimization of the sales effort.

Many of our customers even have the sales consultant from Nordic Sales Force listed on their own website, and several of our consultants participate in social events and other activities with our customers.

How will you run the sales process for my company?

We always tailor the sales process to your company's solution and target audience.

That being said, we follow a framework-oriented approach, working systematically and methodically based on “best practice”. This makes it possible to scale the effort and make it less dependent on specific individuals, even though you always have a fixed attached salesperson and a designated attached sales manager.

More sales theoretically, we work based on well-established methods such as SPIN and The Challenger Sale.

Ready to scale your sales?

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In collaboration, we’ll assess whether or not we can improve your sales efforts, as this typically depends on several different factors. If there is a match, we’ll create a business case that contains everything from our action plan to the results you can expect from the collaboration.

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