1. Sales as a service

We can help you with every aspect of the sales process for you to establish yourself or grow your current market share on the Nordic market. From lead generation to relationship building and closing the deal.

Our core offering includes an ongoing sales effort, market insights, and monthly reporting from a dedicated sales manager picked from our team of highly skilled sales professionals.

2. THE Nordic potential

All 5 Nordic countries are among the 8 countries in Europe with the highest price levels for consumer goods and services. 

Moreover, Nordic consumers have incredible purchasing power. Thus, the Nordic countries as a market is attractive for businesses who can benefit from both great volumes per capita and an enhanced profit margin.

3. Enter Scandinavia

By partnering with us, you get native sales professionals who can fully navigate the relatively inaccessible language and cultural area that happens to be one of the most profitable regions in the world. 

Eliminate the risk and uncertainty by letting Nordic Sales Force bring your products and services to a market unlike any other.

scandinavia is calling

High demand and low supply

The prices in the 5 Nordic countries are on average 38,5% higher than in the European Union in general. Moreover, Eurostat data shows that the overall purchasing power in this region is 26,7% higher than the EU average.

Additionally, there is an untapped export potential to the Nordic markets due to a remarkably lower supply of goods. As an example, a thorough analysis from GfK Denmark has shown that the supply of groceries in Denmark is 60% lower compared to 10 other European countries. 

Partnering with Nordic Sales Force will help you unlock the profit potential and tap into the unsaturated demand of these markets.



Higher prices


lower supply

export without the hassle

How to sell in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries

Traditionally export ventures have been executed through either a distributor or trader or by establishing a sales office on the new market. However, trade intermediaries often require a remarkable cut, and establishing a sales office on a new market involves both risk and uncertainty.

Nordic Sales Force aspires to make sales in our region accessible for companies from all over the world. Our sales as a service offering is designed to do just that.

A partnership with us will give you access to our team of highly skilled sales managers with impressive experience from the Nordic markets. This will not only provide you with professionals that excel in the art of sales but also ensure certainty and flexibility in your sales effort, allowing you to adjust the pace as your journey on this market unfolds.  

your gateway to scandinavia

let us establish a nordic sales force for you

  • dedicated sales manager
  • Market insights and research
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • thorough monthly reports
  • Native customer service
  • flexible sales force
  • hassle-free and low risk
  • experience, skills, and execution


Start selling today

Entering a new market or even growing a current one requires not merely market insights, but also representation. 

Many ambitious companies are reluctant to take the steps and put in the effort to start selling in Scandinavia due to a variety of barriers to entry, including language, taxes, and cultural constraints.

Nordic Sales Force will eliminate these barriers with our sales services, thereby giving your company access to the huge upside potential of the Nordic markets.


native sales effort

Language shouldn’t stop your growth. Our sales professionals are native speakers and state of the art communicators.

Grow sales and profit

Selling to Scandinavia and the Nordic countries will not only increase your volumes but also enhance your profits.

market analysis

We will share our impressive experience from the Nordic markets with you and keep delivering high-quality market analysis.

a full-service solution

We deliver everything from A-Z in sales. Thus, making it easy for you to start selling in the Nordic countries.

Make a qualified decision

Connect with us

The core purpose of Nordic Sales Force is to make it as easy as possible to sell on the Scandinavian markets.

However, we are fully aware that it is always a big step to take for any company to enter new markets. Even for companies with great export experience.

To help you make a qualified decision, we will happily share market insights with you and propose a possible sales plan for your company to enter Scandinavia.


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